Liquid Fabric Conditioner

Lavender & Rosewood

Fun Facts:

NBD Eco-Box Liquid Fabric Conditioner is a smart plant based* softener in an even smarter package. At NBD, we believe you have the power to save the world… all while looking great & feeling comfy. Call us relationship experts, because we’re here to help you build a long-term relationship with your clothes by making them last longer.

(*Plant Based and Plant Power means 75% of ingredients are plant derived and subject to processing)

More Details:

Designed with both HE and non-HE washing machiens in mind, NBD Liquid Fabric Conditioner is a 70% USDA Certified Biobased Product. Even better – NBD is gentle on sensitive skin because we left dyes, phosphates, and optical brighteners out of our formula. Let’s call it like we see it: we’re the straight-up solution that you, your family, and the planet deserve.

NBD Liquid Fabric Conditioner is not your grandma’s fabric softener — it’s the new age of all-around fabric protection. Made with 50% less plastic packaging per oz than a typical 50 oz laundry bottle, NBD Eco-Box features a No-Drip twist tap to minimize the mess from leaks and spills. We pack a plant based* punch in every drop, so you can get the job done right the first time. Just add a capful with your favorite laundry detergent to help clothes keep their natural shape.


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